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Thanksgiving – A Time for Reflection and Joy

Thanksgiving – a time for reflection and joy – also a time to remember how fortunate we are.  With all of the divisiveness and violence in the world, it’s easy to forget all that we are thankful for.  Thanksgiving is a great time to catch up with family and friends.  It’s also a great time to think about all that we take for granted.  We live in an incredibly fast paced world, we rush to work, rush home, rush to appointments.  We often don’t get to take the time to stop and appreciate everything that we have.  That is why Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday, we can take a second to realize how blessed we truly are.  In fact, studies point to gratitude and thankfulness as important boosters of health.  With that in mind, Heartland would like to reflect on a few of the things that we are grateful for.

Thanksgiving is a special time for Heartland.  We are reminded that customers have trusted us since 1894, we are also reminded of all the hurdles we have faced and cleared. Throughout our 121 years in business, our business model and industry have changed numerous times.  Yet, we are grateful that we’ve been able to stay one step ahead of the trends and adapt to changing customer and market demands.  Heartland wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for all of the employees that have worked here throughout our history.  Each and every employee has contributed something to the Heartland story and we are so grateful to all that have gone above and beyond.

Most importantly, Thanksgiving is a time where we can be grateful for the family, friends and company that we keep around us.  We humans are social animals, without our social circle, what do we have?  At Heartland, we are thankful to have seen our employees get married, have kids, buy homes and celebrate other life milestones.  We are also grateful to have been able to stand by employees in their time of need and crises.  We must be all grateful for both the good and bad times, this is what allows us to live a balanced life and to develop a genuine sense of empathy.  This Thanksgiving, look around you, there is so much to be thankful and grateful for.  Don’t let the static from the world distract you from living your best possible life and being a good person, family member, friend, coworker and citizen.  From everyone at Heartland, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!