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Polygraphic ProcessPrinting papers have been Heartland’s stock in trade for over 100 years. Presses, plates and inks have changed in a world-gone digital and our product selection has changed with it. In-house printers and commercial printers both require quality products that perform consistently, a choice of colors and finishes for Your demanding end-users and stock on our floor to support Your just-in-time needs. Whether you are a designer needing samples or a printer with a rush job, Heartland is there for you.

Digital paper, tag, index, cover, coated and uncoated text, recycled or post-consumer waste content, colored or plain white copy paper, we have it all. Heartland has an in-house cutting program to custom cut the size you need. Check out our large inventory of envelopes from A-2 to catalogs padded mailers to commercial and window envelopes; the choices are endless. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers in the industry to provide you quality products at all price points and cutting-edge technology with new substrates and innovative applications.

As Printing evolves, so does Heartland. Our suppliers test their products on the latest presses and high-speed printers and design top-performing products that shorten drying times, changeover rates and improve stability for higher press speeds and better folding properties.

We keep our finger on the pulse of new processes and our experienced Sales Representatives pass that knowledge on to you. We train your designers and work with you to establish house sheets that perform, day in and day out. Commodity papers, text and cover, wide format rolls, specialty premium sheets and printable films – we do it all. Give us a call and let Heartland go to work for you.