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Lodging & Hospitality

Modern corridor interiorSince the first Woody rattled down the highway Heartland has supported the Lodging industry. Service industries are going through the worst and the best of times. Local motel and large hotel chains are driven by the same need to meet or exceed higher levels of guest satisfaction with fewer and less educated staff. Heartland can help You enhance Your guests’ away-from-home experience with cost-effective, easy to use products. Select from our valued-added products and high-quality private-label products to meet your budget expectations.

Heartland offers premium products to support Your brand and make Your hotel and motel rooms feel “just like home”. We stock logoed supplies for name-brand national chains, stock prints for in-room supplies, including individuals soaps, shampoos, conditioners, personal kits, ice bucket liners, wrapped cups, hand soaps, lotions, soft facial tissue and individually wrapped toilet tissue. Private label products are also available in all these product categories to enhance your bottom line.

Public areas and front-of-the-house supplies are our expertise. Breakfast room supplies, entrance matting, custom printing for envelopes, invoices and menus, carpet and hard floor maintenance, and laundry systems are Your signature service areas. We can help You look Your best. We can even customize your restroom dispensers to match your décor. Our products help make your customers’ stay memorable, and comfortable with less strain on your bottom line.

Bars and restaurants are profit centers. Talk to us about your brand strategy for printed napkins, disposable plates, glasses and cutlery.

En suite coffee is easy and affordable through Heartland.

White, crisp, clean-smelling linen and towels are a must in the hospitality business. Let Heartland install the proper equipment and a chemical system that delivers. We provide reliable maintenance support to take the worry out of your worst headache.

Whether your facility is large or small, Heartland provides the best cleaning chemicals, equipment and supplies to make a good first impression. Our industry experts can customize a system of chemical, supplies and equipment to your needs. We can help you train your maintenance and housekeeping staff to deliver a consistent level of Clean cost efficiently and effectively. It’s the little things that make your business stand out in this crowded and competitive industry. Partner with Heartland and we can make you stand out.