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Medical active staff in hospitalHealthcare has come a long way since 1894 when Heartland was founded. We have been a strategic partner with the facilities entrusted with the health of the communities we serve. From assisted living centers and nursing homes to clinics and large, regional hospital systems we have cleaning systems and products tailored to the ever-changing needs of your facilities and You’re shrinking budgets. Together with You we strive to help You create cleaner, quieter, healthier and more appealing environments for patients, visitors and staff.

Our highly-trained Sales staff works closely with leading Healthcare suppliers to stay ahead of the learning curve on processes and product systems needed to combat infection rates and new disease vectors. We provide comprehensive facility assessments to suggest ways to clean and disinfect facilities and measure the degree of clean. It starts with the right combination of products: floor and surface sanitizers, hand hygiene, gloves, disposable papers and patient-care products such as incontinence products. For the kitchen and laundry we offer warewashing and laundry chemicals, foodservice supplies and disposables, drain sanitation, slip-safe matting, and waste receptacles. We help you make a good first impression with attractive, serviceable matting and sanitation stations for visitors and staff.

We are proud to have a growing number of Healthy-Measures-Certified sellers at your disposal. This tested process coordinates the efforts of EVS, nursing, and procurement to address the biggest challenges your facilities identifies. Together we develop goals and implement products and processes to achieve your goals. Our specialists help you train staff and then measure whether their efforts are on track to maintain a cleaner, healthier healthcare facility. Proper surface sanitation and hand hygiene helps reduce Hospital Acquired Infections and improve patient satisfaction. Proactive is more efficient and effective than reactive responses.

Group Purchasing Organizations as well as local and regional procurement systems are only as good as the products selected. We are a resource to many such groups as we help differentiate products, reduce sku’s needed, introduce new industry products and marry product and equipment for the best value proposition. We support numerous procurement platforms, including GHX, DSSI, NetLink and our own online ordering system, so our Sales professionals can create a customized purchasing program for your facility to save you money without sacrificing quality.

Heartland can help you navigate the budget constraints, physician and patient expectations, increased accountability, staff reductions and tighter compliance guidelines as your strategic partner in maintaining a healthy environment inside and out.