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Protect Your Floors

Every day that your organization is open, there is a chance that your floors will get scuffed up and dirty.  Why not protect your floors with 3M’s Resilient Floor Care?  3M’s Resilient Floor Care program makes your floors resistant to scratches, stains and scuff-marks.  Along with these features, the Resilient Floor Care program is also certified by the... Read More

24 Hours Prep-To-Play!

Sick and tired of your wood floors looking rough and beat up?  Look no further than Heartland Paper, a leading distributor of SportKote PC by Essential Industries.  Made with polycarbonate, SportKote PC is the next generation of wood floor-care technology.  This means big improvements in durability, gloss and scuff/scratch resistance. SportKote PC is a trusted name... Read More

Custom Matting For Sanford Hospital

The next time you step into Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, you will notice the sleek and clean new entrance matting that guides you through the lobby.  Heartland partnered with First Impression Matting for the installation.  The process to get the perfect matting fit involves time and patience, but the return on investment is excellent.  Proper... Read More

Impact Products Presents: The Mopster

Tired of carrying around a mop bucket or soggy mop pads? Impact Products has you covered with The Mopster.  This revolutionary product works in a variety of settings, from maintaining gym floors to cleaning hospitals.  The Mopster is ideal for cleaning areas where conventional buckets and wringers are impractical.  Significant benefits of The Mopster include: eliminate... Read More

A Beautiful Shine!

The Federal Court Building in Billings, MT got a beautiful new, shiny floor a week ago.  Thanks to our Billings Sales Representative, Patrick McClain, along with 3M’s Stone Floor Protector, the people of Billings will now enjoy a crystal clear floor every time they step foot into the courthouse.  See the picture below and remember to... Read More

Heartland & Betco Team up for In-Service

Recently,  Heartland  teamed up with Betco for an In-Service presentation for Expressway Suites in Fargo, ND.  Heartland was represented by our Sales Representative, Steve Buck and Betco was represented by their Territory Manager, Greg Ganglehoff.  The focus of this In-Service was chemicals and proper dilution control mechanisms.   The picture below shows  the presentation in action.  Call... Read More

Betco SenTec: “Bringing The Outdoors In”

In today’s Product Feature Installment, we are focusing on  Betco’s SenTec technology.  SenTec products “Bring The Outdoors In”, by eliminating odors throughout your facility, instead of covering them up. Betco developed a unique counteractant technology that completely transforms the odor causing molecule, offering four fragrances that represent each season – Winters Grasp, Autumn Uprising, Summer Notes, or Emerging... Read More