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Purell Hand Health Study

Heartland Paper is pleased to share results from the Purell Hand Health Study.  This study was ran through-out 2014 and was published in The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  The study examined the relationship between offices with hand sanitizers readily available and the rate of employee health care claims.  Health Insurance claims have direct effects... Read More

3M Stone Floor Protector

Restore, Protect and Maintain your tile floors with 3M Stone Floor Protector.  The Stone Floor Protector program is a “revolution in stone floor care, delivering significant return on investment.”  Rather than hunting them down, Heartland is your premier distributor for 3M products. Furthermore, we have dedicated staff to assist you with your stone floor protection program. Recently,... Read More

Heartland Symplicity Laundry Program

The Heartland Symplicity Laundry Program has your commercial laundry problems covered!  Heartland is pleased to offer the  symplicity laundry program.  Commercial laundry can become quite expensive and inefficient.  Take care of both these problems with one solution. The Heartland Symplicity Laundry Program has many benefits to it.  The first benefit is the cost reductions, this is... Read More

Heartland Healthcare Symposium

Recently there was a Heartland Healthcare Symposium in Iowa for the Greater Midwest Chapter Association for the Healthcare Environment.  This event was led by our IA branches and featured a booth along with Vendor & Product information.  This event was attending by companies and healthcare organizations throughout the Greater Midwest.  This event was also a... Read More

Honoring Terry Redlin

Today at Heartland we are honoring Terry Redlin.  The legendary artist passed away at his home in Watertown, SD at the age of 78.  Terry Redlin is remembered as a world class painter, first rate conservationist and community educator.  Some of Mr. Redlin’s accomplishments include: America’s most popular artist by U.S. Art Magazine Has raised over 28... Read More

Happy Earth Day 2016 !

Happy Earth Day 2016 from Heartland Paper!  Earth day is one of our favorite holidays.  We’re reminded of how magnificient and majestic our planet.  It’s  important to keep in mind that our environment & eco-system are our most important natural resource.  With this in mind, conservation efforts are vital to combat the negative effects of climate... Read More

Combat Sitting Disease

Combat Sitting Disease with Heartland Paper and Andersen Mat Company!  Heartland Paper is pleased to offer the Get Fit Stand Up Mat from Andersen Matting Company.  This mat was designed with office professionals in mind to combat “Sitting Disease.”  Harmful effects from sitting too long include: Negative impact on your metabolism Neck & Shoulder discomfort Greater likelihood... Read More

SCA Awards Environmental Grants

SCA recently awarded environmental grants to 16 projects across the U.S.  SCA is one of Heartland’s premier vendors. They specialize in personal care, tissue and forest products.  The sixteen projects will help study: Hydroponics Water Quality Urban Gardening Future Cities For the ninth year, SCA awards environmental grants to different communities.  A total of $45,000 will be divided between... Read More

Georgia Pacific Dispenser Installation

Steve and Mike recently completed a Georgia Pacific dispenser installation at the Ramkota Hotel in Sioux Falls.  The easy to load dispensers offer a no-mess solution to a common bathroom problem – the smell.  Georgia Pacific’s proprietary technology attacks bathroom odors instead of covering them up.  The pleasant air gel fragrances will create a delightful scent for up to 60 days... Read More

WypALL Messes Away!

WypALL messes away with Heartland & Kimberly Clark.  The WypALL Water-less Cleaning Wipes from Kimberly Clark are a must have for your work place.  These powerful and portable wipes are designed for on-the-go tasks.  They are also space efficient and come in their own dispensing system. According to a recent case study by Kimberly Clark, users were able... Read More