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3M Flow Control Launch

Heartland Paper announces 3M flow control launch in our Sheridan, WY market.  This is a very exciting development for Heartland Paper & 3M.  Due to increased demand, we have expanded our flow control market.  Now we can offer customers a chance to experience the great benefits & cost savings flow control offers.  Flow Control is a chemical dilution system & delivers accurate cleaning solutions.  Because of it’s dilution system, flow control minimizes worker interaction with chemicals.  This saves your the hassle of employee injury.  A few reasons to partner with Heartland for 3M Flow Control are listed below.

The Heartland Region Spans into seven states.

We regularly hold trade shows, demos and bring out key vendors for learning opportunities.

We’re a premier 3M distributor and get very aggressive pricing.

We’ve been around since 1894, can you say consistency?

Pictures below are from our 3M Flow Control Launch.  This specific one took place in Sheridan, WY. As we like to do, we invited a 3M rep out to lead the show.  In addition to this workshop, we also held a round robin with our guest.  Allowing us to hear feedback and concerns with chemical dilution systems.  Most noteworthy, we were able to help customers with problems facing their business.  In the end, this is what Heartland is about.  Our Team, Your Solution.  Call your Sales Rep today to learn more about the 3M Flow Control Program.

3M Flow Control Launch

3M Flow Control Launch